Comics Subscriptions

Want to take the hassle out of keeping up with all of your favorite series? Start a comics subscription (also sometimes called a pull list) at Telegraph Art & Comics!

We offer 10% off on all subscribed titles, as well as complimentary bags and boards. You can even subscribe to trade paperbacks of your favorite comics, manga, and more. All we ask is that you pick up once a month if possible, and that if you want to close your box, you just pick up what's left in it. If we see comics languishing in your folder for more than 30 days, we will give you a friendly reminder call or email. More than 60 days, and we cancel your pull list.

You can check out upcoming releases online at PREVIEWS, stop in and have a look at the catalog in person, or you can talk to us about what's coming up. We're here to help! 

If you would like to start a new subscription, make any changes to your subscription, or place a special order, please use the handy form below, or e-mail our subscription manager David at


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